Youth Golf is "Big Time" at KCC

Young golfers at KCC have access to an outstanding model program. The program consists of instruction followed by on course playing. All participants receive excellent instruction, playing time, a favor and weekly prizes. Participants and KCC Pros finish the program with a celebration together at KCC's Annual Cookout.

Golfzilla is Wednesday, July 19

Dick Stewart and Kyle Horton are available at 344-0752 for any golf related questions.

PGA Professionals Teach at All Levels

KCC Professional Staff provides group and one-on-one instructuion during weekday morning program sessions during June-August. Children's lessons are divided by age groups as follows: 6 & under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16+. Parent participation is necessary for children ages eight (8) and under to supervise their child(ren) during the playing portion of our Youth Golf Program to "monitor" play and golf activities. If you are interested in private lessons for you or your children, please contact the KCC Golf Shop at 269-344-0752.

The Father-Child, Mother-Child, KCC Youth Club Championship, Youth Fun Day and Annual Cookout are highlights of our Youth Golf Program. Proper equipment is vital to junior golfers. Too many times children receive "hand-me-downs" which do not fit them properly. Please consider allowing our KCC PGA Staff help you find the correct size clubs for your young golfer.

We Help Teach Kids to be "Golf Citizens"

And finally, while we are interested in making better players of our children, we also work very hard at teaching them to be better "golf citizens". Keeping tempers under control, learning the rules of the game as well as the rules of the Club, being honest, and treating others with respect are areas your children will be well exposed to during the season. Regardless of the skill level they attain, hopefully KCC children learn that golf is a game of honor--one in which "counting them all" and "enforcing the rules of the game" for themselves--is really what this game is all about.